Prerequisite: None

Scope: Fall Protection Authorized Person course provides interactive training in recognizing potential fall hazards, the prevention of falls, fall protection systems, and the use of personal fall arrest systems. Other areas of fall protection covered include fall protection regulations, recognizing dropped object hazards, understanding and inspecting the parts of a personal fall arrest system, and fall arrest rescue awareness. Each attendee will be evaluated through hands-on demonstration and written exams on:

  • The need to report fall hazards
  • The importance of housekeeping
  • The prevention of dropped objects
  • Methods of keeping a worker from falling
  • What happens during a fall
  • Calculating total fall distance
  • ABCs of fall protection - anchorage, body support and connectors
  • The proper selection of harness and complete fall arrest system
  • Inspection of a fall arrest system
  • Don full body harness
  • The bodily effects of a fall by being lifted in a  full body harness