Prerequisite: Authorized Person

Scope: Fall Protection Competent Person course is an interactive course designed for individuals whose job responsibilities require active supervision of others working at height. This course teaches attendees how to apply OSHA regulations and ANSI standards, selection, inspection, and maintenance of fall protection and arrest systems, force requirements for personal arrest and restraint systems, reducing fall hazard exposures, and rescue.  Each attendee will be evaluated through hands-on demonstration and written exams on:

  • Understanding the importance of fall protection safety
  • Standards and regulations relating to fall protection
  • Recognition and identification of fall hazards
  • Hierarchy of fall protection
  • Fall prevention, restraint, and arrest systems
  • Anatomy of a fall, 6ft and beyond
  • Calculating total fall distance
  • ABCs of fall protection - anchorage, body support and connectors
  • Detailed equipment inspection, maintenance and care
  • Rescue considerations
  • Don full body harness
  • The bodily effects of a fall by being lifted in a  full body harness