Coaching creates interactions that connect people and allow for clarification of important and critical issues. Coaching leads to commitment to develop “right action” for the individual and organization.

Right action - The right people doing the right things in the right way at the right time for the right reasons– occurs when the personal and organizational agendas align in such a way that awareness, purpose, competence and well-being are natural outcomes.

As Performance Coaches we: Get Results in Real Time!

  • Distinguish ourselves from consultants by building capability within organizations, which leads to creating proficiencies not just the ability to overcome deficiencies.
  • Create developmental opportunities within the person, team or staff being coached to see things differently in terms of performance.
  • Look for openings that lead to long-term developmental opportunities rather than providing only an immediate fix.
  • Encourage and elicit increased leadership and emotional competence to generate possibilities, create workable plans, and gain commitment to right action in alignment with business goals.
  • Create effective coaching interactions by listening, observing, discerning, and modeling.
  • Deliver effective coaching through feedback, questions, statements, challenges and ideas.
  • Guide a business system to evolve its culture by clarifying critical personal and business issues.
  • Remove blocks to adaptability, vitality, passion and willingness to go the extra mile by clarifying personal and organizational values.
  • Provide and model interactive communication styles that enhance internal problem-solving skills leading to long-term progress rather than creating co-dependencies.
  • Blend training, management and leadership development at every level in an organization.

Continuous Improvement is about improving performance each and every day. In order to continuously improve, we must measure, evaluate, listen to our people and make changes. Onward will provide the coaching and direction that you need to make all of these things happen, without allowing the process to become too complicated. Continuous improvement, requires significant commitment, but once an effective process is in place, there are no limits to what your organization can achieve. 

“Overcoming deficiencies is NOT the same as creating proficiencies!”